How long until my hidden message reveals?
These are the approximate reveal times for our candles:
- Without Hearts: 45 minutes
- With Hearts: 1.5 hours
Reveal times vary based on the length/size of your hidden message.

What do I do with the letter beads after my hidden message is fully revealed?
You can start by putting out the flame in your candle. Then, use tweezers to safely remove your letter beads from the candle wax. Wipe down with a paper towel. Turn your message into a bracelet (or not--we won't tell you what to do). Enjoy your new keepsake & the rest of your candle!

What is the character limit for a hidden message?
There's no specific character limit for the hidden message--it really depends on the wording and how it would fit into the candle.
If you suspect that your message is a bit on the longer side, please run it by us via chat before placing your order, so we can confirm whether or not it will fit.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship WORLDWIDE.

What are your custom order processing times?
I try my best, and usually succeed at shipping custom orders out within 48 hours of purchase. However, due to unexpected traffic of sales sometimes, this may vary to 3-5 business days.

Why is there black soot building around the inside of my candle?
Not trimming your wicks before each use can lead to an excess amount of black smoke and soot. Please make sure to trim your wicks and/or remove the "mushroom" on top of the wick before you light your candle again. Trimming your wicks will also allow your candle to burn properly and for much longer.

Why is my candle tunneling (not reaching the edge of the vessel)?
Please make sure to allow your candle to fully reach the edge of the vessel the first time you burn it (1-2 hours, depending on the size of the candle). Doing this allows your candle to create a "memory" and will burn successfully each time afterwards.

What is the purpose of the heart wax samples I received with my order?
They're samples! You can use them as wax melts if you have a wax melter. If not, the primary purpose is to allow our customers to smell other candle scents without purchasing first.

My candle's all I just throw the vessel out?

Gosh, no! Each one of our candle containers can be recycled/re-used. To remove any leftover wax from a container, simply pour boiling hot water inside the container. Use a spoon to gently remove the wick/sticker from the bottom of the container, and wait for the water/wax to cool down. You'll see that the wax will slowly float to the top, and eventually solidify. Remove the solid wax from the top of the container with your hands and wash out anything that remains with warm, soapy water. Voila, ready to re-use!

I burned my candle and now there are holes in the wax. Why is this happening?
Sinkholes, bumpy, and weird-looking surfaces are completely normal for soy wax. This is the nature of it. It will not impact the burning quality of your candle. Natural doesn't always = silky smooth.