My name is Rose, and I am the founder and CEO of 30KissCreations.

I'm an English Language Arts teacher / Graduate student living, learning, and working hard in New York City. Just as your typical English major, I have a bucketload of dreams and aspirations.

Growing up, I was always able to express myself most through my writing. But, it wasn’t until recently that I finally listened to my inner voice and challenged myself to become more than just a writer or a teacher, but a candle-maker, with much to say!

My inspiration is never-ending. I always knew I wanted to have my own business one day. I wanted to be able to convey a story behind not only my products, but the overall brand, too. And that's when I came across the idea of candle-making. Our hidden message candles aren't just thoughtful and unique gifts, but a way for people to express themselves, whether it be through a simple, "hey you," or something as powerful as, "I love you." Each hand-poured candle has love, meaning, and intention behind it.

I've been so fortunate to be working toward making this dream a reality, with the endless support of my family and friends; I couldn't have done it without them, or my scent-approver, Tarzan, the beautiful, but stubborn Shiba Inu.

I am so excited to be sharing this experience with you! I look forward to the endless learning candle-making has to offer me. Thank you so much for being here.

With love,

Rose @ 30KissCreations